Rethink Paperback by Amol Rajan

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Rethink Paperback by Amol Rajan

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  • Publisher: BBC Books (2022-02-22)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • ISBN-13: 9781785947186
  • Item Weight: 243.81 grams
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 5.0 x 0.9 cm

After darkness, there is always light

In a time of increasing uncertainty, Rethink offers a guide to a much-needed global 'reset moment', with leading international figures giving us glimpses of a better future after the pandemic. Each contribution explores a different aspect of public and private life that can be re-examined - from Pope Francis on poverty and the Dalai Lama on the role of ancient wisdom to Brenda Hale on the courts and Tara Westover on the education divide; from Elif Shafak on uncertainty and Steven Pinker on Human Nature to Xine Yao on masks and Jarvis Cocker on environmental revolution. Collectively, they offer a roadmap for positive change after a year of unprecedented hardship.

Based on the hit BBC podcast, and with introductions by presenter and journalist Amol Rajan, Rethink gives us the opportunity to consider what a better world might look like and reaffirms that after darkness there is always light.

RETHINK List of contributors

Carlo Rovelli - Rethinking Humanity
Pope Francis - Rethinking Poverty
Peter Hennessy - Rethinking Democracy
Anand Giridharadas - Rethinking Capitalism
Jared Diamond - Rethinking a Global Response
Ziauddin Sardar - Rethinking Normality
The Dalai Lama - Rethinking Ancient Wisdom
C.K. Lal - Rethinking Institutions
Jarvis Cocker - Rethinking an Environmental Revolution
Clare Chambers - Rethinking the Body
Steven Pinker - Rethinking Human Nature
Tom Rivett-Carnac - Rethinking History
Jonathan Sumption - Rethinking the State

David Skelton - Rethinking Industry
Emma Griffin - Rethinking Work
Caleb Femi - Rethinking Education
Gina McCarthy - Rethinking Activism
Tara Westover - Rethinking the Education Divide
Kwame Anthony Appiah - Rethinking the Power of Small Actions
Charlotte Lydia Riley - Rethinking Universities
K.K. Shailaja - Rethinking Development
Samantha Power - Rethinking Global Governance
KT Tunstall - Rethinking the Music Industry
Rebecca Adlington - Rethinking the Athlete's Life
Brenda Hale - Rethinking the Courts
Nisha Katona - Rethinking Hospitality
Katherine Granger - Rethinking the Olympics
David Graeber - Rethinking Jobs
James Harding - Rethinking News
Carolyn McCall Rethinking Television

Mohammad Hanif - Rethinking Intimacy
H.R. McMaster - Rethinking Empathy
Carol Cooper - Rethinking Racial Equality
Paul Krugman - Rethinking Solidarity
Amonge Sinxoto - Rethinking Safety
Reed Hastings - Rethinking Togetherness
Kang Kyung-wha - Rethinking Accountability
Lucy Jones - Rethinking Biophilia
Colin Jackson - Rethinking Our Responsibility for Our Health
Mirabelle Morah - Rethinking Ourselves
Nicci Gerrard - Rethinking Old Age
Brian Eno - Rethinking the Winners
Jude Browne - Rethinking Responsibility
Elif Shafak Rethinking Uncertainty

Amanda Levete - Rethinking How We Live
Niall Ferguson - Rethinking Progress
David Wallace-Wells - Rethinking Consensus
Margaret MacMillan - Rethinking International Cooperation
HRH The Prince of Wales - Rethinking Nature
Onora O'Neill - Rethinking Digital Power
Matthew Walker - Rethinking Sleep
Henry Dimbleby - Rethinking How We Eat
Eliza Manningham-Buller - Rethinking Health Inequality
Pascal Soriot - Rethinking Medical Co-operation
Xine Yao - Rethinking Masks
George Soros - Rethinking Debt
Mariana Mazzucato - Rethinking Value
Douglas Alexander - Rethinking Economic Dignity

Peter Frankopan - Rethinking Asia
Stuart Russell - Rethinking AI
DeRay McKesson - Rethinking the Impossible
V.S. Ramachandran - Rethinking Brains
Seb Emina - Rethinking Travel
Aaron Bastani - Rethinking an Aging Population
Rana Foroohar - Rethinking Data
Anthony Townsend - Rethinking Robots

About the Author

Amol Rajan is a journalist and broadcaster. He has been the BBC's Media Editor since December 2016 and was formerly editor of the Independent. He presents Radio 4's Rethink, The Media Show and Start the Week and appears on BBC Radio 2 and The One Show. He lives in London with his family.

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