Roly the Hedgehog Hardcover by Frances Rodgers

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Roly the Hedgehog Hardcover by Frances Rodgers

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Product Details

  • Publisher: DK Children (2022-04-26)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 40 pages
  • ISBN-13: 9780744054712
  • Item Weight: 311.85 grams
  • Dimensions: 8.53 x 8.55 x 0.41 cm

Let your little nature lover learn how to help the adorable animals that like to visit your yard.

Meet Roly. She’s a curious, prickly hedgehog who loves to explore yards, including yours! The yard can often be a dangerous place, and Roly needs your help to face these challenges. Are you in?

This illustrated children’s book about nature is perfect for gently introducing young readers to the idea of animal conservation and protection. It includes:

   • Beautifully illustrated spreads.
   • An engaging storyline that kids can follow and relate to, as the book refers to the wildlife that can be found in their own backyard or garden.
   • Fun-filled facts about hedgehogs.
   • A thoughtful and timely message about protecting wildlife, with tips for doing so.

Join Roly on a garden adventure of a lifetime! Bursting with fun trivia and colorful illustrations, this sweet animal picture book shows kids just how unique hedgehogs are, which makes them worth preserving. 

Perfect for children ages 3-5, this wonderful preschool book provides animal-loving toddlers with plenty of helpful tips and tricks to help keep all their garden guests safe and roaming freely. It’s the ultimate gift for curious children or budding environmentalists.

Roly the Hedgehog
is part of a beautiful series from DK that aims to inspire youngsters to discover so much of what is unseen in their yards, and teach them how to care for their yard-dwelling friends. Other titles in this series include Rory the Garden Bird, Roxy the Butterfly and Rosy the Bumblebee.

About the Author

Frances Rodgers and Ben Grisdale are a husband-and-wife duo. Frances is the author of this series, while Ben, who has recently taken up painting is the illustrator. Together they have created this beautiful and charming set of books. After watching a program on television presented by Brian May regarding the plight of the hedgehog in the UK, they came up with the brilliant idea of making children’s books to encourage them to take an interest in the wildlife around them and to begin to help out at an early age. They have also decided to donate 10% of all profits made from the Roly the Hedgehog books to Project Amazing Grace.

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