DK Reader Level 2: Rainforest Animals Paperback by Caryn Jenner

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DK Reader Level 2: Rainforest Animals Paperback by Caryn Jenner

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Product Details

  • Publisher: DK Children (2021-12-21)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 48 pages
  • ISBN-13: 9780744026504
  • Item Weight: 119.07 grams
  • Dimensions: 8.94 x 6.0 x 0.19 cm

A colorful rainforest adventure awaits! You’ll meet the many wild and even endangered animals that call the rainforest their home.

Did you know that jaguars can live 12-15 years in the wild, and that a toucan's beak looks heavy but is actually hollow and light? Discover many more fascinating facts about rainforest animals in this children’s nature book!

This Level 2 reader book is perfect for children ages 5-7 who are developing their reading skills, and are fascinated by animals and the rainforest. Inside, you’ll find:

   • Amazing photographs that break up the text for young readers who are still building their confidence.
   • Labeled pictures that build a child’s experience of reading different non-fiction genres.
   • Fun quizzes that support comprehension skills.

Packed with incredible creatures, this rainforest animal book will make reading fun and engaging for children! From chirping birds and croaking frogs to fearsome bears and prowling tigers, they will learn about all the amazing animals of the rainforest! Fun facts are paired with incredible images, providing an ideal balance of words and pictures for young readers. 

Developed in consultation with leading literacy experts, this animal encyclopedia for children is perfect for helping build general knowledge at the same time as learning to read. It also introduces them to climate change and promotes awareness of the environment. 

With engaging topics and fun, interactive pages, this four-level series of children’s educational books from DK will help build a lifelong love of reading. It covers a vast range of fascinating subjects to support children as they become confident readers. More titles include Reader Level 2 Hello Hedgehog, Reader Level 3 I’m an Activist, and Reader Level 3 Sporting Greats.

About the Author

Caryn Jenner writes and edits a variety of books for children of all ages, including both fiction and nonfiction. For DK Publishing, she has written Eyewitness Workbook: Earth, as well as several titles in the DK Readers series. Her picture book, Starting School, was one of the eight books longlisted for the UK’s 2012 School Library Association Information Book Award in the Under 7 age group. Caryn also teaches English to speakers of other languages and volunteers at a local school. She grew up in the United States but has made her home in the UK for many years.

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