How To Calm It Paperback by Grace Victory

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How To Calm It Paperback by Grace Victory

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  • Publisher: Merky Books (2022-01-25)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 176 pages
  • ISBN-13: 9781529118933
  • Item Weight: 102.06 grams
  • Dimensions: 5.83 x 4.26 x 0.56 cm

Introducing the new 'How To...' series from #Merky Books: unlock your potential with our short, practical pocket-sized guides.
How to Calm It: Relax Your Mind

This is not your typical book about mindfulness. This book is an insight into how we can learn to process what's going on inside our heads, heal our bodies for the better, and learn to love ourselves. Full with tangible tools, creative exercises and tailored tips. This book is yours to read at your leisure and use when you want. The perfect accompaniment on your journey to detangling your mind, and making a commitment to value yourself each and everyday.

Written by Grace Victory
Foreword by Black Minds Matter UK

Designed to inspire and encourage readers to unlock their potential and provoke change, the How To series offers a new model in publishing, helping to break down knowledge barriers and uplift the next generation.

Creatively presented and packed with clear, step-by-step, practical advice, this series is essential reading for anyone seeking guidance to thrive in the modern world on their own terms. Curate your bookshelf with these collectible titles.

About the Author

Grace Victory is an award-winning digital-first creator, predominately known for her inspiring words, powerful vulnerability and refusal to diminish her self, values or voice, to suit societal expectations. Through her passion for female advocacy, unflinching honesty and encouraging spirit, Grace talks openly about topics that are perceived taboo; therapy, sex, trauma, relationship dynamics, diet culture, self-awareness and spirituality. Grace's content focuses on healing the mind, body and spirit and the importance of self-development, alongside sharing her personal journey.

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