Red Panda & Moon Bear (Book 2): The Curse of the Evil Eye Paperback by Jarod Roselló

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Red Panda & Moon Bear (Book 2): The Curse of the Evil Eye Paperback by Jarod Roselló

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Product Details

  • Publisher: Top Shelf Productions (2022-04-12)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 216 pages
  • ISBN-13: 9781603095013
  • Item Weight: 487.62 grams
  • Dimensions: 9.0 x 6.06 x 0.51 cm

Cuban American siblings save the world! With their magic hoodies, Red Panda & Moon Bear can defeat any monster... but how do you stop a curse?

When an evil curse descends upon the city of Martí, it's up to Red Panda and Moon Bear to put a stop to it... but it won't be easy! First, they'll have to solve weird mysteries, fend off new monsters, and uncover the secret history of their neighborhood. With their trusty dog companions and some magical new friends by their side, Red Panda and Moon Bear must find a way to defeat Mal de Ojo -- The Evil Eye -- and keep it from ruining the lives of everyone they love!

About the Author

Jarod Roselló is a Cuban-American cartoonist, writer, and educational researcher from Miami, Florida. His early books include The Well-Dressed Bear Will (Never) Be Found, How We Endure, and The Star, which won the 2015 Epiphany Literary Magazine Chapbook Contest. His short fiction and comics have been published in The Rumpus, Hobart, Hayden's Ferry Review, Sonora Review, and The Collagist, among other places. His childhood and educational research has been published in Bank Street Occasional Papers, International Review of Qualitative Research, and Contemporary Issues in Early Childhood. He teaches comics and fiction in the creative writing program at the University of South Florida.

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