Spend It! Paperback by Cinders McLeod

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Spend It! Paperback by Cinders McLeod

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  • Publisher: Nancy Paulsen Books (2022-02-15)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 0 pages
  • ISBN-13: 9780593406205
  • Item Weight: 141.75 grams
  • Dimensions: 10.56 x 8.06 x 0.14 cm

A charming introduction to simple money concepts in which a bunny learns he can't buy everything he wants with his allowance!

Sonny gets three whole carrots a week for his allowance and wants to buy everything! But he quickly discovers his money won't go that far, and he has to make some choices. That doesn't sound like much fun to Sonny, especially when he learns that the bouncy castle he's been eyeing goes for ONE HUNDRED carrots. Ridiculous! But eventually, after a little math and a little more thinking, he has a blast discovering what's really important to him and worth spending his carrots on. This is one of the four books in the internationally acclaimed Moneybunny Books series that also includes Earn It!, Give It!, and Save It!

About the Author

Cinders McLeod also wrote and illustrated the Moneybunny books Earn It!, Save It!, and Give It!, and is the creator of the book and comic strip Broomie Law. Her illustrations have appeared in The Guardian, The Express, The Observer, The Independent, Herald Scotland, The Scotsman, The Globe and Mail, and Macleans, and on CBC television. Her work has been recognized by the Society for News Design, the National Magazine Awards, the National Newspaper Awards, and The Guinness Book of Records. Cinders is also a recorded singer-songwriter-double bassist, a Gaelic language student, and a mother of two. She lives in Toronto, Canada.

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