The Audacity Paperback by Katherine Ryan

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The Audacity Paperback by Katherine Ryan

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  • Publisher: Anchor Canada (2022-10-04)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 336 pages
  • ISBN-13: 9780385696845
  • Item Weight: 413.91 grams
  • Dimensions: 8.8 x 5.6 x 0.9 cm

The Audacity is a brilliantly funny, fiercely honest, and dangerously astute handbook of life instruction from the star of the hit Netflix series The Duchess.

"I’ve come to accept that being audacious is a gift I can’t escape."

People "know" my on-stage comedy persona or my scripted ballsy characters and wrongly assume that I must stomp around all day in designer dresses eviscerating those who dare to cross my path. But mostly, I’m just eating pickles and being nice to some dogs. 

Whatever strangers think of me is fine with me. How audacious is that? I can always take a joke and I don’t waste time worrying about things I can’t control. I embrace the reality that you just can’t please everyone, so you might as well put yourself out there and have a laugh. As my mother always said, "Katherine, if we all liked the same thing, we’d all be married to your father." 

I’m often asked how I developed my lurid level of courage and assurance and for tips on how others can match. The Audacity is my chance to share my blueprint for just that. You will learn:
• How To Be the Most Popular Girl in School
• How to Waste All Your Money on Designer Dogs
• How To Attract Toxic Men . . . AND Keep Them Interested!
And so much more . . . 
Secrets are my favourite things to tell and I figured I’d better tell a few juicy ones myself. Why not? No matter what I do, there will always be something about me that reads as simply, outrageously audacious.

About the Author

KATHERINE RYAN is an award-winning comedian, writer, presenter, and actress. Born and raised in Canada, she has lived in the UK since 2008. Katherine created, starred in, wrote, and produced the Netflix sitcom The Duchess. Her two Netflix stand-up specials, Glitter Room and In Trouble, are also critically acclaimed. She is the host of Telling Everybody Everything, her podcast which goes straight to the top of the charts every week.

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