The Pain-Free Mindset Paperback by Deepak Ravindran

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The Pain-Free Mindset Paperback by Deepak Ravindran

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  • Publisher: Vermilion (2021-12-28)
  • Language: English
  • Paperback: 352 pages
  • ISBN-13: 9781785043390
  • Item Weight: 351.54 grams
  • Dimensions: 8.45 x 5.32 x 1.03 cm

If you know anyone who works in the NHS. A nurse, doctor, physio, dietitian, administrator, manager, literally anyone. Gift them this book.

Dr Rupy Aujla

This book is an absolute must have for anyone who wants to take back control of their lives - and most importantly - their pain.

Kate Silverton

There is no easy fix when it comes to chronic pain. Opioids are often the first, addictive resort and surgery rarely achieves the pain free outcome promised. But while there is no single fix, there is a way out and it starts with your mindset.

This is the powerful approach of The Pain-Free Mindset, where NHS pain consultant Dr Ravindran brings his 20 years of experience to offer you an effective set of techniques that will help you take back control and overcome your pain. In this groundbreaking guide you will:

·Discover what happens to your body and brain when you experience pain
·Learn how you can change the way you perceive and respond to pain - without taking addictive medication
·Find the best pain-management plan for you and your lifestyle

Packed with science-backed tips and inspiring case studies this book will transform your mindset and show that you have the power to live pain free.

About the Author

Dr Deepak Ravindran has over 20 years of experience in helping people overcome their pain - in the NHS and in private practice. He is one of the few consultants in the UK who possesses dual certification in musculoskeletal medicine and pain medicine. He has been a consultant in pain medicine for the last 10 years, at the Royal Berkshire NHS Foundation Trust in the UK (rated outstanding by CQC, 2018). He is currently clinical lead for the specialist pain services for all of West Berkshire since 2015.

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